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WWII Holmes

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Mr. Dreadful - Rainmantist Ordinaire

Is it just me or do all the 'British Propaganda' Holmes movies contain the following dialogue:

Holmes: There's only one group who could have commited such an act.
Watson: Holmes, you don't mean...
Holmes: Yes, Watson. The Nazis!

WWII Holmes

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Mr. Dreadful - Rainmantist Ordinaire

Actually, was there only one WWII Holmes movie? Now I've actually started to think about it I can't remember.

WWII Holmes

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

That depends, are you referring to plots that actually occurred during the war or movies made during the period, that seemed to include as much propaganda as the genre would allow?

I seem to remember at least half a dozen "modern" Rasil Bathbone Holmes movies.

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