A Conversation for Synaesthesia

This drink tastes PURPLE!

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Sierra Indigo - now Cheesecakethulhu flavoured

People laugh when you say it "This drink tastes purple", "I like this music. It's very yellow sounding". I've been told off for being silly, by parents and teachers alike. It's interesting to find that there's others who sense similar if not the same things. At least I know I'm not the only one who sees the world that way.

This drink tastes PURPLE!

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Leopardskinfynn... sexy mama

I love the fact that sound has colour and structure, and that smells have colour (and sometimes sound).

We're just lucky!

smiley - rainbow

This drink tastes PURPLE!

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Estelendur (AKA Esty)

Plants and plant products (leaves, tea made from leave, etc) taste green. This is the only evidence of synaesthesia I've experienced, but no one understands what I mean by it.

This drink tastes PURPLE!

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Mr. Dreadful - Those who sacrifice style for comfort are deserving of neither.

Apparently hallucinogenic drugs can 'awaken' synaesthesia in some people.

I also saw something on TV the other day about the syndrome, there was a woman who said she was synaesthesic as a child and was really disappointed when music stopped making colours and some composer (can't remember who) used to confuse the hell out of musicians by saying things like "No, it should be bluer!"

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