A Conversation for The Hitchhikers' Movie: An Interview with Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith

Will it have oceans?

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Can't bear oceans.

Will it have oceans?

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Will it have oceans?

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I still have a hard time not thinking of Ford Prefect whenever I see (or more accurately, hear) Alan Ford. Made watching "Snatch" a somewhat surreal experience. It sure was good to read this info, though. Not to turn this into another "I hope they put XX in," or "I hope they don't screw XYZ up" thread, but I kinda hope that the neurotic elevators and the Frogstar Fighters (and their many scout robots) make an appearance - I don't think I ever laughed harder at any one concept in any other book or radio series than those parts. Well, maybe at the robot disco dancers, too ... no wait, I'm forgetting about Trin Tragula ... oh, and then there's the mattresses, and Wowbagger, and the Old Pink Dog Bar scene ... right, shutting up now.

- JD (a not-so depressingly stupid machine)

Will it have oceans?

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The Iron Maiden

First I've heard about this, bloody hell!

Can't say I've heard of ANY of those actors, but ho-hum, sounds like fun nonetheless!

Will it have oceans?

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Jim Lynn

In many ways, not knowing who the actors are is an advantage - they won't have any baggage and it will be easier to accept them as the characters. A 'star' might overwhelm the part and the movie - like Jack Nicholson in Batman for example.

Will it have oceans?

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Jerms - a Brief flicker and then gone again.

I agree. We don't really want another "Welcome to Rivendell, Mister Anderson" scenario. smiley - rofl

smiley - biggrin Yay! I can't wait!

Will it have oceans?

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Definitely, the casting of relative unknowns is essential to a project like this, I think - especially in the world today, where we're so influenced by the celebrity cults.

Sounds good. I look forward to it.

Will it have oceans?

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fords - number 1 all over heaven

"Welcome to Rivendell, Mr Anderson" - smiley - rofl

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