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If you have a question, please read the H2G2 FAQs first to check that your question is not already answered there. Thanks!

Feature Suggestions

Welcome to the Feature Suggestions section of the H2G2 feedback area. If you've got any suggestions for features that we can add to the site then please post them below by clicking on the START A CONVERSATION button. Although we obviously can't guarantee we'll implement your suggestions, we'll do our best to comment on the best ones.

If your suggestion is good enough to be added to the Grand Plan, it'll be listed on the H2G2 Feature List.

Please note that this section is only for feature suggestions - if you've got a suggestion for something we can add to H2G2 to make life that much more fantastic for our Researchers, then tell us here. We're always on the lookout for great ideas, so don't hold back.

Picking the Right Place for Feedback

We have the following sections in the feedback area, and it will speed up our response time if you pick the right section in which to tell us what you think.

If your question is not specifically about H2G2 then please do not post it here: this section is only for feedback about the site, not about life. General questions not specifically related to H2G2 should be asked in the Ask H2G2 or How do I...? sections.

Our main feedback pages are:

  • Editorial Feedback - For questions and comments about our editorial policies, the editorial process, the contents of Approved version of H2G2 and the future of guidance. This is also where you can ask questions about spelling, grammar, conventions and other uses of English on H2G2, and can point out typos in Approved Entries for us to fix.

  • Technical Feedback - For questions and comments about the technology we use, what we do with it, and what our plans are for the future of the servers and our proprietary systems. This is also where you can get involved in technical discussions about different platforms, processor speeds and so on. If you want to talk specifically about GuideML, you can do that in the GuideML Clinic.

Other feedback areas include:

  • The Community Soapbox - For questions and comment about the H2G2 Community, the life-blood of the site.

  • Design Feedback - For questions and comments about the design of the site, illustrations on H2G2 or the whole look and feel of the site. It's also where you can get stuck into the pros and cons of the user interface and experience.

  • Project Feedback - For questions and comments about things like the development of the project, how it fits into BBCi, and what's going to happen in the future. For specific feature suggestions, please visit the Feature Suggestions section.

  • The GuideML Clinic - For questions and comments about GuideML, the markup language of H2G2. This is your one-stop shop for GuideML advice, support and news.

  • Feature Suggestions - This page.

Who Will Respond?

Questions posted to the feedback area are answered by either the H2G2 Editors or the H2G2 Gurus (the Gurus are volunteer Researchers who help to answer the most frequently asked questions on H2G2). We read all comments and try to respond to as many as possible.

Thanks for your input.

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