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What the...? How did I get here? Eh? Wha...?

What has a 6 year old Ferrari got to do with...?

Eh? What? Eh?


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Dunno why I've been called here either. - Just came up on MY page in another message board, as though you were replying to me...


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Ooooh. Click onto my space brung me here.

*looks around*

Quiet, isn't it? There's even a message up theresmiley - oktelling me not to bother posting here.

OK then.


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Isa Newlands

I know nothing... I know nothing...

I definitely know nothing, in fact, I am a know nothing SOB,as the Americans have it.


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Vip - happy 2014!

I know nothing about downhill skiing... but I can help with h2g2 stuff if you need it. smiley - smiley

smiley - fairy


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Ok, Vip, thanks.. Two questions really: What is this board for? and why have I been drawn in here?


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Vip - happy 2014!

This particular thread is an old Help page.

This site is... a wonderful mix of a writing site and a socialising site. Anyone can write an Entry, and the best get selected to form the Approved Guide - the bit that gets published on the Front Page.

When we're not writing, we do a lot of talking, play games, discuss topics in the news, chat with friends, all that sort of stuff. A god place to start for that is <./>Ask h2g2</.>, where a lot of the active Researchers hang out.

Why are you here? Now that's a much harder question to answer! smiley - zen

smiley - fairy

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