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This page contains the archive for the Writing Right with Dmitri articles

written by Dmitri Gheorgheni which have appeared in The Post.

A man in green with a feather in one hand and drawing a theatre curtain with the other

Column Subjects
08.08.11De facto Fictionalising
15.08.11How to Build a Character Who Doesn't Fall Apart in Two Paragraphs
22.08.11Show and Tell
29.08.11Know your Audience
05.09.11Being There
12.09.11When in the Woods, Do as the Woodsies do
19.09.11Trading Licks
26.09.11How to Be a Literary Imposter
03.10.11Visualising the Black Box
17.10.11Xenoglossophobia, or Dealing with Oodle-Doodle-Flip
24.10.11How to Watch Television (for Writing Practice)
31.10.11How to Write a Horror Story
07.11.11How to Stalk the Wild Idea
14.11.11The Universes we Make
21.11.11Taming the Rewrite Monster
28.11.11How Reliable Is Your Narrator?
05.12.11Your Character's Passport Photo
12.12.11Getting the Holiday Right
19.12.11Writing the Three-Hanky Story
16.01.12Stealing from RL
23.01.12Stealing from RL: Stealing History
30.01.12Stealing from Yourself
13.02.12How to Be a Ferguson
20.02.12Talking the (Local) Talk
27.02.12Taking Your Characters Down a Peg
05.03.12Offing Your Villains
12.03.12Youthful Characters
19.03.12Moral Issues
26.03.12The Rules of the Game
02.04.12Getting from Here to There
09.04.12Voices from the Past
16.04.12Cussing A Blue Streak
23.04.12Remaining Neutral in the Gender Wars
30.04.12Dressing Your Characters
07.05.12My Normal, Your Normal
14.05.12Laughing With or Laughing At?
21.05.12Let's Pretend
28.05.12More Thoughts on Laughter
04.06.12The Quantum Moment
11.06.12Fun with Trope
18.06.12Background Music
25.06.12What are Editors Good for?
02.07.12Darwinian Writing
09.07.12A Google Challenge
16.07.12Reading and Writing about Science
23.07.12Digging Deeper
30.07.12Writing for the Edited Guide
06.08.12Writing the Other
13.08.12Going for the Gold
20.08.12What I'm going to read this summer
27.08.12Mis-Fitting your Characters
03.09.12Firing Chekhov's Gun
10.09.12Terse or Worse?
17.09.12Adventures in the Skin Trade
24.09.12Writing out of Time
01.10.12Messing About with History
08.10.12Using Picture Prompts
15.10.12Attention-Getting Headlines
22.10.12Chipping Away at the Writer's Block
29.10.12Halloween Space Party
05.11.12Changing Hearts and Minds
12.11.12Cluing the Reader In
19.11.12What's hot, what's not
19.11.12 (Extra) How to Have Fun with NaJoPoMo: A Subversive's Guide
26.11.12 Mental Maps
03.12.12 Where do you keep your notes?
10.12.12 How to Accentuate the Positive
17.12.12Christmas cards
24.12.12Inventing Santa Claus, and Other Christmas Writing Humbug
31.12.12How to Be Witty
07.01.13Pushing the envelope
14.01.13Exaggerating for Effect
21.01.13Living on writer time
28.01.13Stepping into a Different Stream
04.02.13Too Many Cooks
11.02.13A Pinched Idea
18.02.13Reasoning Backwards
25.02.13Depth of Field
04.03.13Where Do You Get Your Ideas?
18.03.13What the Edited Guide Needs
25.03.13Spring Cleaning Checklist
01.04.13Winning Book Ideas
08.04.13Staying on Message
15.04.13Tolerance, Curiosity, and the Both/And
22.04.13Follow The Money
22.04.13Save the Planet
29.04.13How to Let People Know You Are Witty
06.05.13The Sacredness of Laughter
13.05.13Why Do You Write?
20.05.13Building Your Mythology
27.05.13 Location, Location, Location.
03.06.13 Mining Memory
10.06.13 Writing Tolerance
17.06.13 Learning from the Best
24.06.13 How to Get That Tune Out of Your Head
01.07.13 The Strategies of Men and Women
08.07.13 Writing Mental Pain
15.07.13 Having Your Cake and Eating It
22.07.13 Drinking from an Empty Cup
29.07.13 Writing Terror
05.08.13 Writing the Times
12.08.13 Mash It Up
19.08.13Listen to the Music
26.08.13Being a Nature Lover
02.09.13Results of the Mash-Up Challenge Dmitri Gheorgheni with Freewayriding and minorvogonpoet
09.09.13How Not to Be a Travel Bore
16.09.13Getting the Religion Right
23.09.13Re-Purposing Memory
30.09.13Don't Forget the Food
07.10.13Defective Detectives
14.10.13The Telling Detail
21.10.13Strong, Talkative Types
28.10.13The Horror, the Horror
04.11.13Writing Revealing Prose
11.11.13Bang the Drum Slowly
18.11.13Made to Be Broken
25.11.13Old Tales Retold
02.12.13Writing Peacefully
09.12.13Ripped from the Headlines
16.12.13Not Talking to Yourself
23.12.13The true meaning of...
30.12.13Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New
06.01.14Exercising Your Historical Imagination
13.01.14Writing Purposefully
20.01.14Making a Short Story Long
27.01.14Applied Research Exercise
03.02.14Organising Your Thoughts
10.02.14Attention-Seeking Behaviour
17.02.14Keep 'Em Laughing
24.02.14Gee, We Love That Kind of Talk
03.03.14What's Their Motivation?
10.03.14Exercising Empathy
17.03.14Back-Vectoring the Story
24.03.14The End and the Beginning by Freewayriding
24.03.14Dreaming Up Plots
31.03.14Blah Blah Ginger
07.04.14Einstein's Hobby
14.04.14In Your Own Words
21.04.14Weather Writing
28.04.14Grown-up Entertainment
05.05.14Writing Without Sexism
12.05.14Treating Your Subject Well
19.05.14True to Life
26.05.14The Landscapes of Your Mind
02.06.14The Reveal
02.06.14Willem's Challenge
09.06.14Knowing When to Stop
09.06.14Twin by Florida Sailor
09.06.14The Power of Art
16.06.14 I am Neither of One Kind by FWR
23.06.14 Face of a Ghost by Willem
23.06.14Gimmick or Productive Plot Device?
30.06.14Fiction as Teacher
14.07.14The Not-So-Great American Novel
21.07.14Precision Prose
28.07.14Beyond Words
04.08.14Columbo's Dog and Chekhov's Gun
11.08.14Bringing People Together
18.08.14If You Had a Hammer
25.08.14Responsible Criticism
02.09.14Corroborative Detail
08.09.14Last Meals and Other Teachable Moments
15.09.14Information or Misinformation?
22.09.14Making It Exciting
29.09.14Changing Things
13.10.14The Patina of Science
20.10.14Fear in a Handful of Dust
03.11.14Keeping Track
10.11.14Watching Your Symbolism
24.11.14Showing Research
01.12.14Mining Social Media
01.12.14December Reading Tip: Ghosts in the Library
08.12.14December Reading Tip: Ghosts, Just for Laughs
08.12.14The h2g2 Post Guest Lecture: Dorothy Scarborough on Science Fiction
15.12.14Looking Up and Around
22.12.14Holiday Originality
29.12.14Messages in Bottles
05.01.15Describing the Unseen
12.01.15Op-Ed Extra: Why Write for the Guide?
12.01.15Talking to, or Talking at?
19.01.15Epic, Shmepic
26.01.15Kentucky Johnson and the Kitchen Gadget of Doom by Freewayriding and Willem
26.01.15Provoc, Anyone?
02.02.15Getting the Real Stories
09.02.15Handling the Past
16.02.15Pheromone Control
23.02.15Show Your Work
03.02.15Inconsequential Moments

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