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A slice of Raspberry Pi?

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Anyone planning on buying a Raspberry Pi?


And will it be successful in getting kids to code?



A slice of Raspberry Pi?

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This isn't edited yet, but it has a lot of information: A13735596

A slice of Raspberry Pi?

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Just read the article. It sounds quite exciting to me (whose first computer was a ZX Spectrum!), but whether it will catch today's kids' interest is another matter. As a parent I tend to find that technology is taken for granted rather than exciting any sense of enthusiam for learning how it works. smiley - sadface

I'm quite tempted to get one though (at that price) and see whether it can compete with a PS3 for attention-grabbing.

A slice of Raspberry Pi?

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Magwitch - Read the Post, you know you want to...

I'm waiting to be given the green light to place an order for one of these. K, my 9 year old, is really looking forward to messing about with it.

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