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Assuming you survive the initial radioactive fallout, would you want to live in a post-apocalyptic world?

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Volunteers required (photo opportunity)

smiley - cdouble

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Yesterday while in Tescos with my mother, I got rammed from behind by a trolleysmiley - grr the pusher didn't even apologise. Luckily for me it wasn't my already-injured leg, but still, I am smiley - bruisedand smiley - wah

I felt so awful I went to the checkout, where I came over a bit faint. I can't fault the first-aiders who attended to me, but I really could have done without another bad leg, when I only had one good leg smiley - sadface

I'm at the smiley - doctor at 11.40am, so I can still make the 3 OAP Homes visits this afternoon with Gordon & Snoopysmiley - dogwhich will no doubt cheer me up.

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Holiday countdown

Gordon has booked another cruise for ussmiley - wow leaving 3 July so I have 4 months to lose 4 stone so I look good in the photos.

The strict no sweets/puddings/cakes diet and MUST exercise daily routine starts today!smiley - puff

(but you can keep supplying the smiley smiley - cake and smiley - cupcake and smiley - choc thank you)

smiley - boing

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Jury Duty 2012

...what to wear?smiley - huh

Star Trek uniform? smiley - orib

Low-cut top / killer heels? smiley - orib

"I'm a tri-sexual" t-shirt? (maybe that'll amuse the other jurors but not the Judge?) smiley - orib

Oh drat! What time do those smiley - bus run now?smiley - headhurts

smiley - run

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