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Thick boned

I consider myself very lucky to have thick bones. In the first week of September I had an accident and badly bruised my leg. It is almost healed now, almost 3 months on, still pinky and lumpy, but I've been massaging it and it seems to be finally dispersing. People who have seen it in the duration have remarked that it's a miracle I didn't break my leg. I've never broken a bone (touch wood) and I know I'm only here today because I have a thick skull (stop giggling at the back). I was just telling Gordon this morning that when I was a child I used to jump from one to the other of the huge concrete-cubed "tank deterrents" on Cleethorpes beach, along with all the other kids. One day I missed the target and fell backwards - cracked my head - and opened my eyes feeling as light as a feather - I thought I had died and could fly. Only when a lady stranger appeared above me (I was laid on the sand) and asked me if I was alright did I realise I was still alive.

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Armistice Day 11.11.11

I think most people here know my thoughts, particularly as I'm the daughter of a Normandy Veteran. I couldn't be more proud of my father or others who stand up for what they believe. I too don't want any more wars smiley - peacedove but sometimes there's no choice (war on terror) and then there's peace to maintain smiley - peacesign

My mother is now 92 and she will be laying a poppy wreath on Sunday on behalf of the France and Germany Star, as she's done for the last 5 years, having taken the duty over from my father.

No-one in the UK is expected or forced to wear a poppy or participate in the 2 minutes' silence. That's called freedom of choice and I also would like my views respected. Thank you.

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Badmintonathon (World record smashed)

That's my son (Allan Ogle).smiley - loveblush

His team smashed the world record for playing Badminton non-stop and raised funds for the NSPCC. There are pictures and even a video of the last few moments on Facebook, can't post them here, sorry.

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Horrocks Pilgrimage

Ever since I researched and wrote up the bio on Jeremiah Horrocks (which I did after the Transit of Venus FM rescue) I have wanted to visit the church at Much Hoole, Preston, where he was Curate, and where there is now a stained glass window dedicated to him. I'd say it was in my top ten on my bucket list...well we're going on Sunday and I've contacted the person with the keys who will meet us and show us around. Camera will be primed...smiley - boingsmiley - boingsmiley - boing

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OK here's my last journal on BBC/h2g2. I would be most upset if I were still single and counting down months/weeks/days to the next h2g2 meet. But I'm not. My life is very busy offline with taking care of my mother's needs and constant medical appointments (she is 92 tomorrow smiley - cake) and my life with Gordon smiley - loveblush is just everything I've ever dreamed of with having a loving partner sharing my life. We volunteer for Pets As Therapy - on a Thursday afternoon we visit 3 Residential Homes with his smiley - dogSnoopy, we're very much appreciated by staff and residents alike (some get no other visitors) smiley - sadface

We also give educational talks on behalf of the Blue Cross, when I go with Gordon he gives the talk and I am his 'glamourpuss assistant' (smiley - laugh) but I did qualify to give talks myself which I may expand upon. We don't take Snoopy to those as he failed his test, he's too livelysmiley - biggrin

I'm heading over to the new place to have a smiley - lurk although two smileys I have already tried don't work smiley - blue and those moving on will find me as nothing's changedsmiley - winkeye

So long and thanks for all the smiley - hugsmiley - smoochsmiley - cakesmiley - teasmiley - cheerupandsmiley - choc

ttfnsmiley - kisssmiley - galaxysmiley - diva

Right then, where's the door?smiley - elvis

smiley - rundon't forget, last one out turns off the smiley - eureka

smiley - tardis

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