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Holiday countdown

Gordon has booked another cruise for ussmiley - wow leaving 3 July so I have 4 months to lose 4 stone so I look good in the photos.

The strict no sweets/puddings/cakes diet and MUST exercise daily routine starts today!smiley - puff

(but you can keep supplying the smiley smiley - cake and smiley - cupcake and smiley - choc thank you)

smiley - boing

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Jury Duty 2012

...what to wear?smiley - huh

Star Trek uniform? smiley - orib

Low-cut top / killer heels? smiley - orib

"I'm a tri-sexual" t-shirt? (maybe that'll amuse the other jurors but not the Judge?) smiley - orib

Oh drat! What time do those smiley - bus run now?smiley - headhurts

smiley - run

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Doris Watson 1919-2012

smiley - roseGordon's mother passed away about an hour ago. He's really upset even though it was a blessing, she lost the will to live years ago and had been confined to her bedroom, cursing waking up each day.

I am glad I was with him when we visited her 2 nights ago even though she was incoherent rambling, I stroked her hand and calmed her down a little. Gordon visited her just this afternoon and said she seemed calmer than before, and she was able to understand him and have a little chat.

smiley - cuddle

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That was 2011 (GB)

My year started off great with the arrival of Jaxon on 7th Jan, born to Allan and Jenny, my 3rd grandson! Also in January Karl, my Mum & I travelled to Lincoln Cathedral to watch Laura receive her diploma. In February Gordon and I went on an aurora flight, the stars were great!smiley - star

smiley - biroIn June I passed the test for giving educational talks for the Blue Cross (and I have a uniform). I continue to visit 3 Residential Homes every week with Gordon and Snoopy. In July Gordon and I went on a cruise "Pearls of the Aegean"smiley - magic I am a definite convert to cruising!

smiley - planetIn October we visited Much Hoole where I was able to go round the church where Jeremiah Horrocks workedsmiley - love

smiley - racket1also in October my son Allan and his team smashed the world endurance record for playing badminton continuously (for the NSPCC charity).

Andrew has announced that he's moving out soon so it won't be long before I am living alone for the first time in my life (apart from Goldie). So this year I am going to be busy reorganising my bungalow as I want his bedroomsmiley - biggrin

I have a date to start Jury Service (1st time), which was probably instigated by the loss of Family Allowance when Andrew left college. smiley - goodluckFingers crossed we are coming to the Manchester meet in February.

smiley - dolphinI wish you all a happy and healthy 2012smiley - schooloffish

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Christmas all arranged (GB) Gordon's house! smiley - laugh

All I've had to do this morning is get ready to be waited uponsmiley - sporksmiley - drool

My #1 daughter and her family are joining us for smiley - xmaspudlunchsmiley - cracker but they are spending some time this morning at the cemetery as Karl has lost his Nanna and mother this year smiley - sadface

I'm coming home tomorrow to shower and change for my sister's annual Boxing Day party, I'll be seeing daughter #2 and #1 son, along with his family there, I bet Jaxon has doubled in size (he is 1 in a fortnight!smiley - yikes) - I'll be driving, taking Andrew, Wenzel (Gordon's German student) and Gordon so he can relax and have a smiley - aleor several, Mauro has gone home to Italy to spend the festivities with his family.smiley - winekey

smiley - hugI hope wherever you are and whatever you're doing, you're spending the festive season with loved ones and having fun. smiley - crackerMy thoughts are with friends who aren't well and some are fighting cancer. smiley - cuddle

smiley - bubblyI wish you all a happysmiley - magic and prosperous smiley - goodluckNew Year, may 2012 be good to us allsmiley - dolphinsmiley - island

smiley - mistletoe
smiley - kiss

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