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Thanks for the NaJo Memories!

I'd like to voice a personal vote of thanks to everybody who participated in this year's NaJoPoMo. The journals were fun to read. Y'all do such a good job of writing, reading, commenting, and solving puzzles like the brainiacs you are that I was actually sorry to see the month go by. smiley - smiley

Some final NaJo updates are available in this week's issue of smiley - thepost.

Now, on to December...

This month's challenge can be found at A87881746 or from the h2g2 Front Page. It involves greeting cards. You still send those, right? At least the e-versions?

So far, the ones that will be coming up in smiley - thepost are Christmas, generic (me), and pagan. Bluebottle's celebrating Mithrasmas, and why not? Walking Hadrian's Wall is apparently evocative.

So what will you celebrate? There's a lot of merriment in December. Or you can make up your own. smiley - winkeye You can photoshop something, slap a picture in the old Paint program, or just send us a suitable sentiment in prose or poem format and let the Editor decorate. (Within reason.)

If you go video on us, however, you'll have to Youtube it and send the link. Any way you choose to go, have an uproarious whatever!

I liked this one:

smiley - dragon

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In Praise of Circularity

This is amazing news. Astronomers have found a Round Thing in space:

As you know, I am a big fan of Round Things, having made many of them lately with my round knitting loom.

I have a big argument going with engineers, because I make them mad when I say that Nature does not like to make Square Things. This makes them scurry to find Square Things like salt crystals...I didn't say 'never'. Just 'not usually'. But the astronomers found an almost perfectly Round Thing. How cool is that?

Have you ever seen a square turtle? Yeah, they call it a box turtle, but...

That one looks cross. Probably because somebody tried to fit it into a square box.

Let us now praise circularity in the universe...

smiley - dragon

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Non-NaJo Special: Are You Tempted to Join a Pyramid Scheme?

Dear h2g2ers,

You probably know what a pyramid scheme is. If not, watch John Oliver's video.

If nobody's ever tried to enlist you to sell cosmetics, household cleaners, or those terrible vitamin supplements yet, you might want to watch John Oliver's video to see how that works. If they have, you will laugh yourself silly remembering. Or get mad about it.

If you want the best microeconomics lesson you've ever had, watch John Oliver's pyramid scheme video at Heck, watch it for the jokes. I'll bet that soup does taste like the wood shavings in a gerbil cage. . .

Oliver's asked people to pass on the video - as he explains at the end of the show, this is HIS pyramid scheme. smiley - winkeye So I'm doing my bit.

I think it's a public service, and it won't cost anyone a red cent.

Also, the employment of sheer logic to the ridiculous claims of these get-rich-quick people is worthy of h2g2's attention, because even the Post Editor is smarter than that. Oliver will help you explain it to the rest of the world - besides, he's British, and speaks beautifully.

I think Oliver is on to something here. You can help save the planet from American 'free' enterprise. Also, it's almost as funny as the time he started the megachurch 'Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption'.

smiley - dragon

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DG 2016 NaJoPoMo Chronicle: A Hymn a Day

This month, I'll be writing about hymns, ancient and modern, Christian and otherwise. There's an incredible variety out there, and I love Youtube. smiley - winkeye I'll try to keep them work safe, but they WILL be noisy occasionally. (Especially that Salvation Army.)

Today's entry is found at A87880170.

The archive is at A87880134 and will be added to daily. I'll list the entries individually in this thread, but if you want to unsubscribe for tidiness' sake and just follow the archive page, you can bookmark it. smiley - smiley

Happy NaJoing to all!

smiley - dragon

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NaJoPoMo Countdown Continues...

Okay, the giant Saturn is on the launch pad, and we're a day to NaJo liftoff.

The Challenge page is available on h2g2's Front Page, or if you're lazy, just go to A87880125 .

You'll want to subscribe, because the list of participants goes in the thread on that page. smiley - smiley Sign up. Check to see who else has signed up.

I personally am looking forward to reading (and stealing) cool stories. And trying futilely to do Icy's puzzles. This will be fun. Y'all have to keep us US h2g2ers from meltdown during this increasingly stressful election season.

Oh, and in other news: why is Russia stealing my metaphors, and not in a good way? A Satan 2 rocket? Really, Vladimir? Put your shirt back on, stop bothering that bear, and call your image consultant. And claiming you could blow up Texas...what have you got against cows? Srsly.

Okay, the crime news on the bottom of that page might be a 'Ripley recommendation', but that's a bit drastic.

And where did the Dallas News get that Soviet symbol from? What must their archives look like? (Can I take a peek? Please?)

In other h2g2 news: the deadline for the 'Ideal Home' ticket contest has been extended for another week. GET TO WORK! You can do this! The Artists want to see your pictures!

Read! Write! Draw! Make witty remarks! That's an order!

smiley - dragon

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