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Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic. Has something happened to Effers? [52] 5 Weeks Ago
U14993989 Hilo - Need some Hilp or Sudigestion [36] 5 Weeks Ago
U14993989 Phoenix [10] Jul 10, 2014
Herenna Too early to satisfy your curiosity, morbid or not [4] Jun 3, 2014
paulh. Come visit Blemnox at A87815181 Will Rogers: It ain't what you don't know that hur [6] Apr 5, 2014
paulh. Come visit Blemnox at A87815181 Adventures with global radio stations [3] Mar 18, 2014
paulh. Come visit Blemnox at A87815181 Don't worry about me,I'm fine [5] Jan 7, 2014
Maria Where are you? [5] Sep 8, 2013
~ jwf ~ a word to the wise is a fish hunt note to self [6] Jul 23, 2013
Peanut Sorry [14] Jul 3, 2013
fluffykerfuffle Greetings [4] May 12, 2013
Geggs ~jwf~, you have today's Quote of the Day! [14] Apr 13, 2013
Maria Waves back, Mr Fulton [2] Apr 4, 2013
Magwitch - Community Editor, Moderator, Sub Editor and Scout - Are you reading The Post every week? Magwitch calling ~jwf~ [11] Mar 10, 2013
2legs; a thoroughly used sub sometimes with a purple collar, sometimes a black one.. Filthy funny and strange, apparently. incorruptible. - I am not a badger. nighthoover [5] Feb 3, 2013
Non Peruvian Insanity One Man Musical Orchestra Yes I rejoined to to post to your space! Argh! Or [4] Jan 29, 2013
Nick Neither here nor there ... [2] Jan 18, 2013
anhaga Check your yahoo email. [2] Jan 7, 2013
Vestboy Lost everything [4] Nov 13, 2012
Effers;England. Reading inner space... [17] Oct 31, 2012

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