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Hungry like the wolf

I've been waiting four months, I was getting very excited. I bought the season pass. Episode 2 of the DLC-only game Wolf Among Us was *so* close.

and then...

...Micro$oft whipped the towel out from underneath our very feet.

There's a slight problem.

The Second episode came out yesterday, however, everyone who bought the Season Pass could not actually get the episode unless they paid for it (again).
Yes, they're working on getting a 'fix' out for it, but - how utterly, utterly disappointing. I'd even left finishing the first chapter until yesterday, just so I could remember how to actually play the game again.

Hopefully by Friday (apparently)

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Choons, srsly, choons

Are you looking at me? Colin HAy

Cracking choon.

As is this one.

One of my fave sitcoms as well. Colin again, this time Overkill

Ooh and a bit of The Coral

Some dubstep, for those that like that sort of thing

Joan of ART + Greta Frants. Better Day

And on the Dubstep theme:

Disturbed - Down With The Sickness, dubstep, natch smiley - winkeye

and now back home...

SOAD - Chop Suey.


I need rum and coke now...

Papa Roach- Last Resort.



Yov've never lived until you've heard K singing this one on one of the Guitar Hero malarkies:

Drowning Pool - Bodies.

Finally, a classic:

Sweet, smiley - biggrin

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Rising up, back on the street...

Well, after the complete and utter disappointment of The Smurfs 2, it's a complete and utter *joy* to be back in Rayman country.

Collecting Lums, freeing Teensies, becoming ducks, Rayman Legends is the *best* mulitplayer fun you'll ever have - even if one of the players does start running before you're ready on a chase level smiley - biggrin

It's also *huge*. There are the actual 'Legends' levels as well as re-imaginings of the previous games' 'Origins' levels. There are Princesses to save, creatures to collect, daily and weekly online challenges, a really funny football game and loads of different costumes for you to collect.

If you've never heard 'Eye of the Tiger' played on kazoo, you've never lived smiley - rofl

I may be some time.

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NaJoPoMo Extra Mags - You can't touch this

Seriously, anything I said about the Smurfs 2 game that might have been vaguely complimentary was completely wrong. Sticking pin your eyes and burning matches under your toe nails would be preferable. The game has no redeeming features whatsoever. Apparently there's a story to it, but we just skipped that bit because it was not at all interesting. All barring one level was left to right. The bosses all fought in similar ways and the Smurfs all said the same things over and over again. Even when you got the last Smurf back there was no 'celebration'.

I've played a *lot* of naff games over the years. This has to be the worst one. Ever.

Avoid, avoid, avoid. Even Fight Night 3 was more fun.

*This public information message was brought to by The Smurf Extermination Squad*

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NaJoPoMo 30th Nov Mags - Into the Blue

So, Smurfs 2 - you're all hanging on for me to give you me verdict, aren't you?

I'm gonna give it whether you are or not, anyway

It's smiley - erm okay, if you like really linear platform play. A bit Rayman. A bit old Sonic. A bit like lots of other generic nonsense. Is this tied into a film? Don't know, don't care.

It's quite fun and can be played with up to four players. Quite repetitive as well (not that that is a bad thing). Not very challenging and can have it's bun wiped in five hours.

Worth a rent, but you would be kicking yourself into next week if you'd bought it.

This has been fun, I missed a couple or three days, but it regimented me, mostly. At least the subject interested *me* smiley - silly

If you think the random Magwitch thoughts are gone until next year, however, think again smiley - evilgrin

Thank you all for reading smiley - hug

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