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42 . . . . . . . . . 42 . . . . . . . . . On 14th March 2002, my 42nd Edited Entry made it to the Front Page!

Notice: Due to an increase in Things, I am rarely to be found hereabouts these days - but I've just found out what my username and password are, so at least I can now log in. You can contact me via my website or find me on uk.rec.cycling (also available via Google Groups).

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Check my theory of why the British drink so much tea, which also neatly wraps up several other previously unexplained phenomena.
Looking for a good cup of tea?
- Good guys, give them your money!

Check here for important information on what is believed to be an emerging new field of mathematics, if only we could be bothered to find out.

My home page is at It's hosted, thanks to the miracle of dynamic DNS, on my server Zaphod at home. To send me an email try [email protected].

About Me

My name is Guy (see above) and I live in Reading, which was also my first Edited Entry. I am married to Felicity and we have two sons. I have a B Eng. 2:1 in Electrical Engineering frmo Southampton University.

I work in London and I get there by train and n a Brompton folding bicycle.

I do things around the house sometimes. I built a verandah with a bike shed underneath - I found out the hard way how to make staircases. Next time I'll do it better. I also sing in Reading Bach Choir and occasionally solo.

Note for those who are still here after all this rambling: the reason I keep typing "form" instead of "from" and so on is that when I was very small I ironed my left hand, which made it nice and flat; also, I found, quite uncomfortable for a period of several months, especially the months when it was bandaged. In those days (reaches under desk for flat cap and semi-lunettes) they didn't give you physiotherapy, so my left hand moves at roughly half the speed of my right. Thus I cannot play the piano, or touch-type. I can, however, dislocate the fingers of my left hand. For some reason this is seen as a less useful social attribute than pianism.

Those entries in full.....

These are some entries I call my own. There are others, but I only contributed to them in passing. These are all or mostly my own work:

A708248 Heat-Shrink Sleeving
A694000 Citroën BX
A700949 Volvo 300 Series
A693948 Constant Velocity Joints
A694596 Bicycle Helmets
A694523 Mike Corley
A701623 Grockles
A700958 Irony
A700912 Acronyms
A692958 Vehicle Differentials
A701605 The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
A700859 Trailer Bikes
A691030 Constant-mesh and Synchromesh Gears
A685235 The Highway Code
A689772 'Alex' - a Cartoon Strip
A692822 James Doohan - Actor
A676433 Lotus Notes/Domino
A676163 The Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain
A676280 This Page Intentionally Left Blank
A681347 TV Compilations (UK)
A664030 Road Surface Dressing in the UK
A667848 Cycle Clothing
A668397 Mary Whitehouse - Moral Crusader
A665192 The Victoria Cross
A594425 British Touring Bicycles
A592607 Networking Your Home
A592689 Leonard Nimoy - Actor
A546491 The Portsmouth Sinfonia
A534764 The Venerable Bede - Historian and Theologian
A520831 Theramin
A517150 The Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban
A500293 How to Lose and Control Weight (a collaborative entry, but over 2/3 of the text is from an entry of mine).
A506378 Portmeirion, Cardigan Bay, Wales
A500509 'The Italian Job' - the Film
A490349 I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue - the Radio Series
A493580 Leonard Cheshire
A481015 Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695)
A476741 Conspiracy Theories
A471485 'Biggles' - by Captain WE Johns
A471539 Howard Goodall, Composer and Musician
A413632 Beddgelert, Snowdonia, Wales
A398937 'Fantasia On A Theme of Thomas Tallis' by R Vaughan Williams
A375464 Thomas Tallis
A292673 Eurostar
A287732 Modelling Clay and Stop-Motion Animation
A272044 There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
A245620 Molesworth Books
A222896 Volvos
A223921 Gerard Hoffnung - Cartoonist, Humorist and Musician
A223741 Trearddur Bay, Anglesey, Wales
A211276 Surgical Stapling
A218350 Reading, Berkshire, UK

Continued at page 94.

The Chapman Pages
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Apple Computer
Cray Research


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