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thanks for finding what plages me. i can blame him for my allergy to spelling.

Yes!!!!! *does a victory dance*
smiley - ta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my spelling angels are: my mum, my best friend alex(she's good), and...... my spellchecker. (i hardly use it coz i can't be arsed to get it out my bag, so i just use alex.) (i thought i should mention them.)


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I agree! I have a terribly time with spelling, now I know why! smiley - winkeyesmiley - ok


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I now have the neccessary scape goat for my alarmingly common typos, like when ever I have to do a capital letter I accidentally make bot CApital. Occassionally I mix letters up in my haste to type so the word "have" can quickly become "hvae" and so on an d so forth. This post is also with out any correction of normal typos.

smiley - birosmiley - devil

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