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Kristina the Flamenco Dancer - PS of Duende, Muse

Statistics can be used for so many different purposes, depending on *how* you want to use it!

I remember a joke about statistics:
'If you put your hand on a hot plate (on a stove) and your other hand in a bucket filled with ice cubes, then - statistically - you're feeling just fine!' Riiiiight..smiley - erm

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Alison (ACE)

I heard another quote that kinda relates to this article as well:

"Statistics don't lie, but liars use statistics" smiley - laugh

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Researcher 236530

My favorite statistical "lie" was in a Chevy truck TV advertisement from the middle 90's. They stated that 75% of all Chevy trucks sold since 1970 in the US were still registered (presuming they were still being driven if registered).

What they failed to say was that at the time of the advertisement, 80% of all trucks sold in that time period (approx 25 years), were less than 7 years old.

Of all the trucks sold in the 25 year time period, relatively speaking, only a very few of them were more than 7 years old. So it is likely that a very high percentage of those trucks less than 7 years old were still being driven (registered).

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