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Very funny!

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Very funny article. Certainly made me giggle. I like the Agincourt story, even though I know it isn't true!smiley - ok

Very funny!

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pailaway - (an utterly gratuitous link in the evolutionary chain)

Congratulations - nice picture too. Now all we need is a smiley with v-sign - don't know which direction would prove more useful though. smiley - biggrin

Very funny!

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kelli - ran 2 miles a day for 2012, aiming for the same for 2013

smiley - ok (close enough?smiley - winkeye)

Glad you both liked it smiley - biggrin

Very funny!

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i prefer to use the v-sign even though i live in Canada...it confuses people smiley - laugh

also...since i live in Canada i never heard of it until i read Mostly Harmless (when i was 14 or 15), and then it confused me until i finally found out what it was

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Very funny!

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