A Conversation for Trousers versus Pants


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Ah! The joys of two peoples being seperated by a single language.

A foolish language to begin with

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

Any idea why we call them a pair? We wear a pair of trousers, pants, shorts, knickers, underwear, whatever. And yet, most people only wear one at a time.

Incidentally, I'm not exactly sure what you Brits call "leggings". It seemed a bit confusing, but that's not your fault...women's clothing is ever thus. But in America, leggings are those silly leg warmers that women wore in the 80's when exercising. A sort of wool sweater for the calves. Thank goodness they're gone.

A foolish language to begin with

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The Cardinal

I participate in the Live-Action-Fantasy-Role-Playing-Game, Amtgard here in New Mexico, USA. I've heard the term leggings in reference to the tights some of the members wear. And of course then there's breeches and hose.

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