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Bells and crime

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Delicia - The world's acutest kitten

Change ringing figures largely as a set for one of Dorothy Sayers' Lord Peter Whimsey mysteries, The Nine Tailors. And now I know why she called one of the bells of her Fenchurch St. Paul Taylor Paul. Thanks Gnomon, good work indeed! smiley - ok

Bells and crime

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smiley - smiley Good book that.

And there was the ringing German spy who was arrested up a bell tower during WW2. She'd been sending messages back to Germany from the top of the tower (she’d joined the local band and had been helping with general tower maintenance). She was arrested one night at the end of a ringing practice, but rather than have the story of her arrest known in the area a ringing accident was staged. The other ringers up the tower were sworn to secrecy about the arrest for years, and the story of her ‘death’ was a well know cautionary tale in the local area.

Bells and crime

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Delicia - The world's acutest kitten

Oh i don't know that one, sounds interesting. Is it a book or did it happen? Did they have her hanged in the rope then?

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