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Fluffy Bunnies - the Game

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Fluffy bunnies is a game, which is usually played at teenage parties, but anyone can play. The idea is to see how many marshmallows a person can fit in his or her mouth.

If just shoving marshmallows into one's mouth isn't bad enough, another idea behind fluffy bunnies is that each time a player puts a marshmallow into their mouth, they have to say 'fluffy bunnies' with a reasonable amount of clarity.

Chewing the marshmallows is against the rules. Players must fit as many un-chewed marshmallows into their mouths as they can, and still be able to say 'fluffy bunnies'. Players may squash the marshmallows, but once players chew, they're out.

The real fun part of the game is when a player fails to say 'fluffy bunnies', and is consequently out of the game, at this point they need to dispose of the marshmallows.

Just a word of warning to those that are watching, stand clear of someone who is going to unload their 'fluffy bunnies'. It is not a pretty sight.

There are of course other variants of the game (some use grapes) but the basic idea is the same.

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