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Musashi Himura, the ronin returns, is happy to be back

i remeber once there was no marmite in stock (wierdly) and so we got vegemite as a alternative i had one slice of toast with the stuff on and pushed it to the back of the cupboard

i just dont know what it is about it i love marmite but cant stand vegemite#

go figure

marmites better

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best spread for bread....get over it!

The real thing is being marketed as "Our Mate" - an insidious plan to make antipodeans try Marmite unwhitingly.

This is the taste test people and Marmite's got the goods.

Sorry about the attrocious spelling but the VB's got to me.

marmites better

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Musashi Himura, the ronin returns, is happy to be back


marmites better

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Marmite is the true spread. Vegemite is nothing but a pooor imitator for the disillusioned!

marmites better

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Musashi Himura, the ronin returns, is happy to be back

well said but well said

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Bassman - Funny how people never ceases to amaze me!

I used to work with an Aussie and had many heated debates about Marmite verse vegimite (did I type that with a lower case "V" - oops -NOT).

When he left to go back home to Aus, I bought him a jar of Marmite as a leaving present - I realised I made a really bad mistake when he opened the package I'd wrapped it in expecting to find something good in there....

I would of course argue that there was, but I think I offended him somewhat

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marmites better

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