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well maybe not quite right but and interesting theory did you know that evolution actually backfires on itself. Under the human lifespan it seems to work ubntill you look at a little island called Australia. There is no way that a duckbilled plattapuss evolved like that it has no reason unless as Robin Williams said God got high

Oh Lord you are so big...

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Danny B

Evolution doesn't make things that are 'perfect' - it just makes things that work, more or less. Providing there's a supply of food and a lack of predators, there's no reason why any nonsense can't survive!

Maybe someone more expert than I can provide a more detailed answer..?

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Nick_Em (not_him)

Australia 'little'? The sixth largest country in the world my friend, and don't you forget it smiley - winkeye.

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Heck! Australia is a WHOLE CONTINENT, fair dinkum!!

smiley - towel

By the way, evolution has proven that separating species from others increases diversity. The fact that Australia is cut off from all other land masses (in current geological time), increases the likelihood that things like the Platypus would show up!

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

And Keith Miller's (not light though) triple (X)where X= coz not why...

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Oh Lord you are so big...

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