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A wonderful friend

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We had a golden retriever for 12 years, his name was Jasper, he wasn’t a pet he was our best friend. Sadly he died when his heart became enlarged and started to beat irregularly, I think this is one of the illnesses that they are prone to. But be warned they will overwhelm you with their love and affection, they are truly beautiful dogs. They love water and will manage to find and roll in anything wet, even on the driest day. We took Jasper training almost every week of his life and he loved it, their greatest pleasure in life is pleasing you. They are truly gentle giants, we would occasionally get raw bones for Jasper, his teeth were so large and his jaws so strong that he could bite through them to get to the marrow. However despite his strength, he could pick up a raw egg from the floor and bring it to you. They are truly family dogs and are marvellous with children and will love to run and play with them. Sadly when Jasper died as we are now both in our 60’s we thought that we would not be able to give a new puppy enough exercise, so we have down-sized to a Cavalier King Charles !! Now there is another story …..

A wonderful friend

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Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups

smiley - hug I'm smiley - sorry for your loss. I've been lucky enough to know several Golden Retrievers during my lifetime so far and my Golden Retriever at the moment is so adorable. She dies tease us though by shivering so that we will let her indoors and she's afraid of thunder and lightening.

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A wonderful friend

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