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Researcher 177704

Nice entry. The highlight for me was probably the phrase: "Fake Olde Worlde Pubbe Rubbyshe." There's a pub reasonably near me that was called the Smyth Arms for about 400 years, but when it got taken over the name was changed to the Dovecote Inn as, apparently, it sounds more authentic. It's a real shame when pub's lose their character for money smiley - sadface

Out of interest, were the "shady clientele" actually barred, or merely repelled by the pub moving upmarket?

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Number Six

Thanks smiley - biggrin I was very pleased to have an opportunity to get the rant about the 'rubbyshe' off my chest, it's been something I've thought of for ages. Sounds a right shame about the Smyth Arms, too.

I have to say, I don't know about the clientele... the Salisbury was shut down for a few months while it was being refurbished, so they probably just got used to going elsewhere during that time. And when it re-opened, it probably just wasn't enough like their kind of place to tempt them back.

Interestingly, the Beaconsfield down the road (which I mention in the entry) is currently closed for refurbishment and has notices in the window saying 'under new management'. I await developments with interest... I only hope they keep the dartboard.

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saranoh - good girl gone Essex

'I only hope they keep the dartboard'- so do I. The element of danger brought by its' close proximity to the pool tables always made for an interesting evening out smiley - rofl

And as for the clientele of the Salisbury, judging by the last time I was in there, they'd all camped out in the Beacosfield en masse.

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Number Six

I was thinking, having the Salisbury as an oasis among the local pubs is one thing, but if they all go that way it'll be a shame...

There's certainly room for a properly well-run old-fashioned boozer around here, if you ask me.

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