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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Very good entry, thank you for that.

I was wondering, do you think anyone would be interested in a similar entry about a local in my home town in Canada? It needless to say wouldn't have anything like the history of a British Pub since our history in general is rather short. On the other hand there has been a huge push to create *brew pubs* here since the early 80s and the results have been in some cases very successful. The vast majority have resisted the urge to make them look like *pubs* per se but have usually reflected their neighbourhood. http://www.bestbeerbc.com/indexFrame.htm

I heartily agree about the faux Victorian interior decorating. I've visited Britain several times over a long period of time and have seen it's birth and demise. Here the tendency was even more deplorable, since whole pubs have been bought there, disassembled, shipped here and then rebuilt. Although few and far between, they too have suffered the ignimony of being refurbished with inappropriate antiques.
Then there are the pubs built to look old:
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Anyway, good job and thanks again.
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is there any live singing a pub singer? it all gives a very shert stoty pub look to the article


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Number Six

Thanks very much smiley - biggrin

I'd be fascinated to see a similar entry about your local in Canada - when I first came to h2g2, I thought there'd be much more of this kind of thing in the Edited Guide, which is kind of why I set up A1286886 to encourage more of it - come and join us! smiley - cheers

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