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US media faked news

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Titania (gone for lunch)

This was the first time that I realized that US news reporters actually make things up to make the news more interesting...

At the time of the disaster a friend of a friend was in Sweden visiting her friends and family. She was married to an American who had decided to stay home and not come with her.

There was a group of us having dinner, when her husband called her on the mobile, almost mad with worry and fear. He almost couldn't believe it when she told him that she was OK.

It turned out that he had seen on the TV news (I've forgotten which company, sorry) how all the Swedes had left their houses and were now living in bomb shelters leaving the streets empty, living only on canned food.

Apparently, it was also easy to see if a person had been exposed to radiation, because the person would have a bright green aura surrounding his/her person.

All of this was presented together with pictures and filmed sequences - so it must have been true, right?

I can't really blame him for believing it - but we Swedes continued working, going to school and living in our usual homes, we continued eating fresh fruit and vegetables, and no one was glowing with a green light.

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US media faked news

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