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Connor Adams: Leader of the English Legione

Well done, Ormondroyd! smiley - applause
This portion of P.U.D.D.I.N.G. is impressed and congratulates you on your article. smiley - cheers
And, to keep my curmudgeon appearance valid, smiley - groansmiley - crosssmiley - wahsmiley - grr.
I raise my smiley - ale to you!

The Portions are asserted

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smiley - ta Glad you liked it! smiley - cheers

Actually, there's one thing I left out that really should have been included: a very effective breathing technique I was taught on the Assertiveness Training course I did. If you have something to do that makes you particularly anxious, just breathe out slowly... keep your lungs empty for as long as is comfortable... then breathe in slowly. Repeat for about five minutes, and the effect is amazing. It somehow affects your body chemistry and cancels the 'fight-or-flight' responses. Not much good if you're anxious because someone looks like they're about to hit you, but really good before, say, an exam or a job interview. I'd forgotten all about that until yesterday when I saw someone's entry on anxiety in Peer Review.

I might go to Editorial Feedback and ask if I can belatedly drop in an extra paragraph about that for this piece.

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The Portions are asserted

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