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Couldn't this best be re-named 'Resistance Training'? It's about standing up to and questioning openly or silently all those Big Mouths, Know-It-Alls and other Bullies, great and small, who can dampen your own voice with the sheer volume of their own presence and importance, real or presumed.
Still, it's a small point, though, isn't it? Or is it?

Well think of Orwell's definition of the difference between Nationalism and Patriotism. The first is always aggresive (i.e. Assertive) it wants others to be like it or admire it or simply be cowed by it. The second is always defensive (i.e.Resistant) and wants primarily that its own Identity be preseved. If, to preserve this one must fight (e.g. 1940) then one must to the bitter end.

This is true all down the line from Tchechnya and The West Bank to Regions insisting that their languages be represented in the EU Parliament.

In short it can be resumed as a pedisposition in favour of the 'eggs' as against the 'omelette-makers' from Bonaparte or Cesar, and including the case of, for example, the 'new broom' type who is determined to make his or her name by sacking -'cutting out the dead wood'- as many as possible in, say, a newly taken over Company.

Read 'The Catbird Seat' by James Thurber.( These bastards and bastardesses are to be met everywhere. Best be prepared)

PS. If this seems like a recommendation of small private corporatsms that slow down the March of Progress, well Yes , it is. (But then who decides what is 'Progress,',? It is change, certainly, but is it 'better'?)

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Assertiveness Training in 'Entries'/Philanthropy'

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