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Other wonderful roads of London

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Witty Ditty

Oh the Hanger Lane Gyratory...But what about navigating the Hammersmith Flyover or the Paddington one-way system? Both are equal in adrenaline rush when encountered from the view of a push bike.

If you want just plain confusing, then the Spaghetti Junction is great for that purpose. Stick to trains smiley - smiley

Other wonderful roads of London

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Esio Trot

The marvels of town planning (personally, I think more often than not it is the consequence of the morning after an over exuberant town planners' christmas party) aren't just restricted to London Village. In Swindon they have a road system called "the magic roundabout".
I speak with certain authority in saying that there is very little magical about it. As if one town centre roundabout isn't enough, the powers that be invented a system that placed several small roundbaouts around a larger one. The consequence is that you end up navigating your way around the system in the opposite direction that logic would suggest.
This leaves you with 2 options on how to survive the "magique rond point":
a) Close your eyes, apply firm pressure to the horn and accelerate in the rough direction of where you want to go,
b) Avoid Swindon altogether.

...I think I know which one is my preference.

Other wonderful roads of London

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Don't Buy Vardy Cars

Hemel Hempstead also has a Magic Roundabout. I used to have to negotaite sometimes during driving lessons. After that the M25 was a piece of cake.

Other wonderful roads of London

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I had to do the one in Swindon during my lessons. Hanger Lane was easy in comparison.

Other wonderful roads of London

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I have heard unconfirmed reports that the guy who designed the Hemel Hempstead Magic Roundabout was sent to a lunatic assylum shortly afterwards.

Several Hemel road-users followed shortly after using his creation.

Other wonderful roads of London

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The Hemel Hempstead mogic roundabout get it's own guide entry you know A381089

Other wonderful roads of London

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Just for fun, they built a 'magic roundabout' at the edge of Heathrow Airport about 5 years ago. It's right next to the hire car centre, so its the first junction many tourists meet when they arrive. I wonder how many go all the way round, dump the hire car and decide a taxi is their best bet!

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Other wonderful roads of London

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