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The best lane to be in

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When approaching Hangar Lane Gyratory from the east, I have a favourite lane which I am convinced is the fastest one every time. I would like to share it with other H2G2ers, but then I am afraid that it would become the slowest lane.

I could however say it was one of the other lanes, but this would be a dishonest and shortsighted move, as those who tried it and realised I had fibbed would then move into another lane, perhaps the good one.

What I really ought to do is name one that is neither the best nor the worst. That way I keep the traffic out of the good one and lessen the chance of anyone realising that, although a good lane, it isn't the best one.



PS It's the middle one.

The best lane to be in

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If you're approaching from the East, isn't the middle lane the underpass? I'm sure it's much faster but it takes all the fun out of it.

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The best lane to be in

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