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At last - an opportunity to apologise to anyone who happened to be negotiating the Hangar Lane Underpants when my sofa fell off the roof-rack in the middle of the rush hour back in August 1987....

Sorry folks! smiley - smiley

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Reputedly there is a guy who lives on the Hangar Lane Gyratory. (Or at least did in 1997. He may since have left.) There's some unused space over the entry to the tunnels that carry the A40 directly under the gryatory, and apparently some guy set up a shed there. So perhaps you did him a favour...

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There are loads of sheds and tramp-huts round that place. I grew up on the 'Twee-named' road (which was there before the roundabout! We declined to move just because they cut the end off us) and there were often crazies we suspected had escaped from 'St Bernards' (Acton's mental hospital) wandering these secret coves, where we nipped off for sneaky underage B&Hs.

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