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Hanger Lane Gyratory (A303346)

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Votes for the "Hanger Lane Gyratory" entry - A303346.
In my opinion the finest entry in the guide smiley - smiley

Hanger Lane Gyratory (A303346)

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Frankie Roberto

This has been previously picked!

(opps, hope this doesn't count as a vote).

Hanger Lane Gyratory (A303346)

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Not by me it hasn't. I'm the first one from the community to show up and vote for favourite entries.

However you do make a good point about the voting. What is to be done about conversations that start in this thread? Already we've inadvertently skewed the number of posts / number of votes in this thread. Care to respond?

Hanger Lane Gyratory (A303346)

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

You should really check the 'Previously Picked' page before making a nomination, but as this is new, you're forgiven smiley - blush

I'll amend the 'Have You Missed...?' page to stress this.



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h2g2 auto-messages

Editorial Note: This conversation has been moved from 'Have You Missed...?' to 'The Hanger Lane Gyratory System'.

This was nominated for the 'Have You Missed...?' feature (A793910), but has already been picked in a previous round. This thread has now been moved to the entry: 'The Hanger Lane Gyratory System'.

Many thanks,

The h2g2 Editors

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Hanger Lane Gyratory (A303346)

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