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I have previously negotiated the Hangar Lane Gyratory in a state of wonderment and fear. In fact for most journeys I would find another way to get where I was going just so I would get there. The wonder was about the reason for it being named so aptly with a word which implies that something unpleasant is involved, and the fear was because.. well that's obvious.

Some months ago a friend taught me THE SECRET of the gyratory. This may in fact work on other inexplicably complicated circular road systems in many parts of the world where the simple and beautiful roundabout has been warped beyond recognition in this way. THE SECRET is simply the application of centrifugal behaviour to your driving. You imagine yourself a small droplet of something on a spinning object and move one lane outwards each time you pass a red light. Admittedly it is not always possible to tell which lane you are in let alone which is the nextmost one due to eccentricity of London Road Markings however I have since applied this method and it works!

Another important thing to remember is that Road Signs in Britain are designed by the same people who give us perpetual roadworks, congestion charges, speed cameras, single lane back roads with two-way traffic etc.... in short a group of people who hate cars motorists and everything they stand for. The signs are not meant to be friendly. Or point you in the right direction. This is especially true at the Hangar Lane Gyratory. This is also why when you want to go into London you will inevitably head off towards the M1 North. Mistrust the signs, follow them at your peril, and to reach the desired destination I suggest you at all times around gyrotories, carry a talisman appropriate to your religious beliefs, to ward against the pitfalls of travel.

How to survive

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We managed Hangar Lane Italian Style with my little Fiat Seicento and it worked perfectly. smiley - biggrin We visited frends in North London and hey told us which exit we had to take heading south, so we did not watch out for the signs, but counted exits until we reached ours. I just drove without braking into it and did not care for other motorists, hoping our foreign license plate would give us a bit of protection. It worked we went throuhg it without any damage smiley - winkeye. Well maybe some Londoners are now not so pleased when they see German tourists, especially in black Fiats. Next time i come to London you have to watch out for a silver Nissan SUV. Don´t honk it´s me.smiley - cool

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How to survive

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