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The "Story" is true!

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Both of my parents came to Canada from Co. Armagh.
Just recently, I started to look up my ancestry and wanted to get a look at some Irish history and culture.
I wanted some background information that would make the results of my search something more than
just a list of who "begat" who and when the begat took place.

My mother was the story teller of the family and she told us many Irish stories, about ghostly apparitions,
strange occurrences and - of course, about the "wee people."
One of her stories was about a woman being unintentionally buried alive with an expensive ring on her finger.
Although there was never any mention of a name, the story my mother told was almost exactly the same as the story in this article.

What's so interesting to me about this story in particular is ...I took it with a grain of salt when it was told.
Though I thought it was a great story, I also thought that it was just a “wee bit o' the blarney.”
Now, by way of this article, a lifetime later, I find that ...what I thought was blarney, is in fact true.

I can’t wait to share, with the other members of my family, the history behind this story.

Thanks for the article, it brought back a ton of fond memories.

The "Story" is true!

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Fizzymouse- no place like home

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, bet it now makes you wonder if some of the other stories have a grain of truth.smiley - winkeye

Hope the family enjoy it too and I'll maybe see you around the threads.smiley - goodluck

smiley - mouse

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The "Story" is true!

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