A Conversation for Alternatives to Ashtrays

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merry n bright

you have missed some of the greats - who can forget

A dangerous option, usually used in drunken or lazy situations

Again emphasising the smokers slovenly nature - fast food and nicotine,i dont know what next!

Usually only employed by mafia hit men

Anyway, Im going to stick to the ashtray....thanks for the advice

Drinks cans

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Researcher 168667

The drinks can has the same advantages as the cup, but with the added benefit of being able to through it in the bin when it`s full

Drinks cans

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Drink cans can be risky if you don't throw them out the night you are using them. It has been known for people to wake up hungover with their toungue stuck to the roof of their mouth grabbing for the nearest available 'iquid' only to get a mouthful of stale acholic beverage/pop with added dog-ends and ash. I of course have no first hand experience of this.

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