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Beer/coke cans

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Surely empty drinks cans deserve inclusion on the list.

As well as the definite practical advantages (relatively spill-proof, fireproof, high-capacity), there's definite entertainment value for non-smokers when someone's had too much beer to work out which one is their active beercan, and which is the ashtray, particularly when they manage to gulp down a floating dog-end with their next swig of beer.

Beer/coke cans

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Jimi X

An excellent point!

For tobacco chewers, the empty beer can makes a fine spitoon as well. With cigarettes, you can swish the can and hear the butts clinking on the sides. With spit and tobacco juice, you're even more likely to take a gulp of warm spit when intoxicated!

Beer/coke cans

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Another good alternative is the lid off the beer bottle. This is about half an inch in diameter with sharp edges.

Beer/coke cans

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She Who Gratifies Gravity

Don't forget the back floorboard, seats, and side of the door of a friend of a friend's car!
(Unfortunately, I discovered this one on the receiving end.)

Beer/coke cans

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Why just use the bottle lid. I've seen people use empty bottles as ashtray alternatives. With clear bottles, you get a nice smoke filled look when the cigarette is finally dropped into the bottle.

Beer/coke cans

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Captain John Carter

And of course the biggest ash tray of all ( and seemingly most popular), the great outdoors.

Beer/coke cans

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Kasia, P.S. of Syncopation,Muse of Classic Goo Fans, Keeper of Rainbows, Zaphodista (visit Crossed Purposes Pub: A429310)

Don't forget plants! I discovered the influence of tobacco last year: for ferns it was a great kick, but my yucca went to plants heaven!


P.S. On this Saturday evening my friend CyyStCyr is giving a house-warming-party - http://h2g2.com/A347140 ;for smokers normal (?) ashtrays! Come & join us smiley - smiley

The largest ashtray...the world

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Researcher Horay II

'Bout 5-6 years ago a friend & I went to Mexico for the first time. One thing about a nomadic life is that smoking is the rule, if not then the attaning of a smoke. Anyways, it was...... Puerto Villarta in a jerk little hotel were we sat in a circle from many origins but the one thing we all had in common was that we all loved smoking. Cigaretts, cigars, pipes and other things that I won't mention. We asked them, being in the lobby of this hotel, were we could put are ash......An old man replied that we should use 'the largest ashtray their is', and he flicked an ash right on the floor.

They also said that in Mexico, if you fall into a big hole in the street, its your own falt and you cannot sue anybody. That will teach you to watch were you go when your on your way to the store for some more smokes....

Strike up a t'ing, man!

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Beer/coke cans

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