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Neodymium guitar pickups

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Neodymium magnets are particularly effective for those applications where limited space is available and miniturization of the system and efficiency increase is necessary. Hence, they're great to power guitar pickups. Any up-to-date article on guitar pickups should include this information.

Neodymium guitar pickups

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Dr Hell

This Article explains how they work, it is not about pickups. As far as the working mechanism goes - which is explained in this Entry - it doesn't matter what magnet you put in there.

This article IS up-to-date, and will remain so as long as magnetic pickups stay the mainstream type of guitar pickup.

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Neodymium guitar pickups

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Ministry of sound

The world's first neodymium pickup manufacturer: http://www.q-tuner.com You should have known them since they're around for twenty years or so.

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Neodymium guitar pickups

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