A Conversation for International Dining Etiquette


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I really enjoyed reading this entry. Especially the explanation of why in old times the bread was eaten by breaking it into small pieces instead of biting into it. This was a thing that really surprised me when I lived in Canada for a couple of years. Nobody ever seemed to just bite into a bagel, a muffin or any other dry bread item. However, in Scandinavia it is very common to just bite into the bread. It does not matter if it is at dinner or in the street. To break your bread in little pieces before eating it seems to produce a lot of crumbs. It is not an important thing. Nobody is going to be offended by it. ( I do not know how it is supposed to be done if you happen to be eating with the queen). It seems to be a question of habbit.
Just a small addition: Try to pronounce the Scandinavian word Skål! so it rhymes with Paul. Use a short l-sound. Also, Tak (the spelling varies from country to country) means thankyou in Scandinavia. This might come in handy.

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