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Eating peas

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One thing that isn't mentioned is that in Britain the fork is always held with the tines pointing downwards -- even when eating peas. Anyone who is used to holding a fork the right way up should studiously avoid peas in Britain, since there is no way of managing them without years of training, and any attempt to do so will result in social embarrassment, or starvation, or most probably both.

Eating peas

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The word 'always' is relative. I always use my fork, for anything you can't stick on the end of the prongs, as a shovel. Including when eating peas, rice, or whatever else fits the 'very small pieces' category. Yes, I am technically british as well, though either a. 'Lyniezian by name, Lyniezian by nature' is true and I don't regard the customs of my (real-life) country very highly (Lyniezia is a made-up place, by the way, for the sole reason that such escapism may occur) or b. 'ettiquette' isn't set in stone, no matter what some of my friends from college last year may think. It is generally less set in stone in informal functions too, among friends/family who couldn't really care less.

I could write a whole entry on this, so it seems...

(P.S. this posting may not make much sense & is overly long-winded I know.)

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Eating peas

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