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Not using your left hand in African or Arabian countries is not a superstition, it has a very logic background. It was usual to eat out of a dish everybody shared, and in times before toilet rolls you did that job with - well, guess which hand is considered unclean.

As to the clinking-glasses etiquette in Austria, it´s the same in Germany. You do especially well remembering this when someone clinks with you after having offered you the "Du" (calling him "Du" and first name instead of "Sie" and second name. In this case, after clinking and sipping (don´t skull the whole glass, unless it´s a short), lower the glass halfway, raise it up to chin height again, give him a short nod and repeat his second name. Old - fashioned it may be, but people with good upbringing will consider you as one of their own.

smiley - ale all,

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Hands 2

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