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I wasn’t aware that snowdrops are daffodils! Most interesting!
I like gardening a lot, and snowdrops belong to my most favorite spring flowers. They’re just lovely! Thanks for this great article! smiley - rose

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indeed a lovely article. I planted some daffs and bluebells last autumn, and the daffs are just begining to flower. I was also unaware that snowdrops are daffodils. I think I'll have to try planting some as soon as I can.

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Many thanks for the above two reponses. As I mentioned in my 'Reasons for Writing the Entry' the wife of a friend of mine sufferes from Alzheimer's Disease. He fought 'tooth and nail for her to be prescribed galantamine, but the NHS were reluctant to do so due to the expense. Today's Daily Mail (UK) (4th March, 2005) carried an article which said that Britain's 'National Institute for Clinical Excellence' (NICE) is proposing a ban on prescribing of Reminyl (galantamine) due to the cost, despite agreeing to their use 4 years ago.

There is currently no cure for Alzheimer's, which currently afflicts some 700,000 Britons. Galantamine delays the onset of symptoms such as memory loss, personality changes and a diminishing ability to perform routine tasks.

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