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I touched the Moon

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Researcher 27380

Back in March 2001 I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Kennedy Space Centre and fulfill a long held ambition to watch a Space Shuttle launch. (STS 102 Discovery).
While there, I visited the new Saturn/Apollo exhibition and found that the display included a piece of moonrock under a protective cover that you were able to reach out to touch.
Almost everyone I saw did just that. I did too and it gave me just as much of a kick as the launch. I think of that each time I look at the Moon and it still gives me goosebumps.
All the best
A.M. smiley - moonsmiley - rocket

I touched the Moon

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Jimi X

Wow! That is really, really cool...

*makes plans to go to Florida*

Have you ever heard that Rush song about the shuttle? I think it's the last song on the Signals album...

*rumages around a bit in the drawer*

I was right. It's the last track on that album and it's called 'Countdown'. It's really brilliant with real NASA radio feeds mixed into the song...

I touched the Moon

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Researcher 27380

Hi Jimi smiley - smiley
Yes, it was a great experience. The Saturn/Apollo exhibition is fantastic.. out of this world!
I haven't heard the album you mention but I'll be sure to try to track it down. Thanks.
'Off to the local record shop'
All the best A.M. smiley - rocket

I touched the Moon

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Researcher 27380

Hi Jimi,
I picked up a copy and it's great.
Listening to it right now.
Cool..smiley - cool
All the best, A.M. smiley - smiley

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