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Well done!! this has to be without a doubt the most definitive, and stunningly accurate guide to the fickleness of Bavaria that I have read. Just a shame that i didnt read this before I went to Munich last week. Hopefully I can recover some face on my trip on friday.


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Hey, thank you!

Great to hear that my effort to be as precise as possible finally payed off!
I'd be interested in any strange experiences you had during your stay in Munich since I'm planning to write further articles about Munich / Bavaria.



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I've never been to Bavaria, and I don't know the first thing about Weisswurst (or at least I didn't before I read your entry).

However, I am an h2g2 Scout, and I liked your Weisswurst entry so much that I have recommended to go forward as an edited entry: I can't say if it will be accepted: that's up to the powers that be, but let's keep our fingers crossed!


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Very good article on the topic! Even as a native all I can say is BRAVO! Just one little note: There are still (Thank god) some very traditional places in Bavaria that won´t serve Weisswurst after midday. I am not sure about the exact reason, I think it has something to do that Weisswurst have to be very fresh to be good, and in the old times without proper merhods of preservation they were off unti lmidday... Or so I think...



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Musencus II (Muse of Dilettantism in Multiple Arts)

As a Bavarian native I liked the article very much, although I think that sucking your weisswurst should not be recommended in our times, because weisswurst's consistence has changed over time. In earlier days it was somehow watery thus permitting you to suck it; these days it's much more compact.
There really is no reason to serve weisswurst only before 12 o'cloc. It's just a tradition stemming from times when preservation methods were not as efficient as nowadays, and consequently eating weisswurst after 12 o'clock was clearly not recommended. Today you may even have one for dinner - you wouldn't taste a difference.

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