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Researcher 207934

Been reading a lot about the Mayans lately and the date 2012, isnt that around the time this new comet is due to hit us?
Anyone know anything further on the crystal skulls?


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I heard something about it being December 23 or 26, 2012. According to these three giant wheels I cant remember anything about. If that's right I rather it be the 26th because I've got things to do.


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i can recomend :"beyond 2012" by geof stray,it covers every theory so far,and concludes 2012 is not the end of the world but something even more mind blowing.


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There is little evidence to support what the Maya thought would happen about this date, it would appear to the ending of the 13 b'ak'un since its start but apart from that its a little unclear what the significance of teh date ment the maya. Any more is new age culture which no basis on Maya Culture.

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