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Gotta love those Mayans

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Anybody who bases a calendar on a 26000 year cycle of apparent star movements gets my immediate respect. The same goes for any civilization that feels the need to support 17 different calendar systems at the same time. I vote we go back to this system immediately and dump the overly simplistic version we have now. Just to make everybody feel included in the process we could all share the 17 basic calendars and then each state/county/region could have its own system for day to day use.

Very interesting article - thank you very much for sharing.

smiley - smiley Mo.

Gotta love those Mayans

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I have to agree there. smiley - smiley we should use them *all* at *once*, keep people concentrating! smiley - smiley

Gotta love those Mayans

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But would the governments go for it? Not in a Winal of Sundays.

smiley - smiley Mo.

Gotta love those Mayans

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You think our system is better? 365 days in a year (but every forth is 366 unless there's a centuary rule in place) 27,28,30 or 31 days in a month, 7 days ina week (so the first of the month falls on an arbetrary day of the week that is a right royal pain to work out), 24 hours in a day (but in base 12 although still represented as decimal) 60 mins, 60 seconds, seconds divided by hundredths. No-one can agree when the new millenium began (or will begin)
Even Easter moves with the full moon!!!

Decimal time anyone???


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Charlie the Zebra

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Gotta love those Mayans

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