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Secret Nuclear Bunker - never a secret

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Henry Tudor

"Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker - no town could have been more surprised than Brentwood when it was discovered in 1995 that there was a government cold war nuclear bunker in the town."

This is nonsense, I knew about the bunker in 1981. A friend showed it to me. 5 minutes after stopping his car and standing looking over the fence into the field, the police arrived and asked what we were doing.

"Looking at the secret bunker", we said

"There's no bunker here," he replied

"In that case, we're looking at an empty field," we said.

We were asked to move on. Everyone in the town knew about it and where it was.

Secret Nuclear Bunker - never a secret

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Clearly not everyone knew about it, because I was one of the first peopple to visit it. No-one there had ever heard about it before, and even the owners claimed they had no idea about it either, because the land had been out of their family for so many years.

There may have been some people who knew about it before it was announced, but I stand by my statement that the town in general knew nothing about it.

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Secret Nuclear Bunker - never a secret

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