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Doltaghey House

Thanks for a great article. As a DID "sufferer" I was pleased by the way you dealt with the misconceptions of DID being connected with Schizophrenia. The only point I would like to argue is that the alters have no memory of each others' experiences. While this sometimes happens in very severe cases, many people with DID (myself included) have a higher degree of co-awareness between alters. In other words, we are (mostly) able to share memories and experiences between alters and so incidents of black-out are fewer. DID is not always such a terrible diagnosis.


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Researcher 178304

I am new to this field. Curiosity has arisen due to close interaction with a particular person who displays such behaviour type. It is difficult to find much material on this subject since it appears to be rare. The mention of memory between alters sounds like a milder form of DID and glad to hear of it. I am still searching, reference to useful links will be appreciated. In dealing with this person, I have been boggled out of my mind at their completely different responses to certain issues in life. Is it my imagination or does it run deeper? Person has memory between alters (if DID is the case , there has been no diagnosis). It is driving me crazy. Any information will be useful.


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Doltaghey House

sorry for taking so long to reply, I haven't logged into h2g2 for ages.

What you describe about a person having different responses to certain issues, depending on which "personality" is 'out', is very typical. But it also appears in other conditions such as borderline personality disorder too, so you need to look at other things as well. Mail me and I'll send you some links and more info (can't put links in a forum *grumble*).

DID: for more info...

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Teaserman the Discontinuous

I recently read an excellent book on the topic, First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple, by Cameron West, PhD. It was part of the research I was doing for a speech on DID. A good site for more info is at religioustolerance . It gives a history as well as many viewpoints on the "disorder".


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Please can you give me advice about or some links to sites dealing with self help for people with DID, my partner has been told he has it but we are struggling to get help that doesn't include medication.

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