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Ducky, Saint & Muse of Waterfowl

Schizophrenia is not always as bad as most people think. I, myself, have been diagnosed with it and live a fairly normal life. You might say that this is abnormal but it makes for an interesting life. I learned to live with the symptoms. The symptoms mainly hit my when I get really stressed.


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M'niki - Patron Saint of Anonymous Artists

I am really happy for you that you managed to live a normal life! I wouldn't say it's abnormal, it happens more, fortunately. You must have structured your life and thoughts real well, to prevent you from becoming stressed. It takes a lot of power to do that in your situation!! (as I look at how much it costs me to manage that, hi hi!)
I wish you all the best and a happy, interesting life!


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Ducky, Saint & Muse of Waterfowl

Trust me I have alot of stress in my life. When I get really stressed or I am doing something in a very quiet room my problems start coming back. I have found that when they start coming back I just have to turn on a radio or some sort of noise and they will start going away. Of course this doesn't always work and I just get a migrane and just push on. It is bad when you have lived all your life with these problems and have no better way to ease them other then suffering.

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