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This article doesn't seem to be about "The Complete Robot" at all - rather, the two earlier compilations. "The Complete Robot" contains every story in those books plus several other stories - these are they, with a (very) brief synopsis:

A Boy's Best Friend (like Robbie - Robutt)
Sally (robot cars)
Someday (storyteller - The Bard)
Point of View (Multivac)
Think! (computer)
True Love (one part of Multivac)
Stranger In Paradise (Mercury Mission)
Light Verse (flawed robot as artist)
Segregationist (definition of 'robot' w.r.t. 'human')
Mirror Image (mathematicians' dispute)
The Tercentenary Incident (Presidential assasination attempt)
Feminine Intuition (Susan Calvin's last job)
... That Thou Art Mindful of Him (robots as rulers)
The Bicentennial Man (free robot)

They are organised by theme: non-human robots, immobile robots, metallic robots, humanoid robots, Powell and Donovan, Susan Calvin, and the 'climaxes' (the last two stories in the list).

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