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Scrapheap Challenge

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The Cow

They had to make a trebuchet out of scrap, you know.

I think they were firing live turnips... smiley - winkeye

Great program.

Scrapheap Challenge

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Yep - live turnips it was - and surprisingly accurately, all things considered.

Scrapheap Challenge

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Lord Preston

i'd just like to point out that a treb' is a very accurate seige weapon, and turnips are a perfect shape for holding there flight path. Also scrap is the best thing to make anything out of coz if it don't work you just blame it on the materials you used.
High Priest of Glendor

Scrapheap Challenge

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An even better example was on "secrets of lost empires" Where they discovered that a decent-sized piano could be launched with no less difficulty had it been a turnip. They also realized that if wheel are added to the bottom...

-It fires furhter, due to the follow-through

-It doesn't teeter, and fall over

Scrapheap Challenge

Post 5

Lord Preston

god this is an old post... intreasting bout the piano... very intreasting.
lol, i wrote my last entry before i had even started the "Mark Moxon Fan Club" and before i had started the smiley - toffeeapple tag protest. i wasn't even a lord then! geeze!!!
Lord Preston OMFC (used 2 b high priest of Glendor)

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Scrapheap Challenge

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