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Victor XL161 incident

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Actually there was another occasion when rear crew members tried to abandon a V-bomber in flight. It was during the Blue Steel missile trials in Australia.

The whole incident is explained on my web site at www.jsaxon.org/bluesteel/books/victorin.htm

There is no question that the rear crew members would have been killed if the pilot had not managed to recover the aircraft at 16,000ft

Cheers - John Saxon
In cool very dry autumnal Canberra

Victor XL161 incident

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Hi there John.

Thank you so much for taking time to comment and give the reference to your site. I must say that it’s quite something for me to have someone who’s had first hand experience of the sort of events that I was trying to describe, take time to comment, and I thank you.

I have read your description on your website. It’s a rare first hand insight into what must have indeed been an ‘exciting’ moment. Really I can only imagine what it must have been like and I can only wonder what my reaction would have been in the same circumstances. Not very good I fear.

As it happens I do have Hamish Lindsey‘s book, but it‘s a while since I last read it. I‘ll have to get it out again as I recall it as a great read. I’ve seen ‘The Dish’ as well.

Best wishes

Victor XL161 incident

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Hi Deke...

Yes - the Victor 'incident' was bad news as it leaked out into the local (Australian) papers. Then there were questions asked in parliament about "those aircraft flying all over Australia carrying highly explosive large devices".

If you have Hamish's book, then you are obviously interested in the Apollo project. As well as my site www.jsaxon.org Colin Mackellar's site at www.honeysucklecreek.net is not to be missed!

Cheers - JohnS
From John Saxon
In cool dry Autumnal Canberra

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Victor XL161 incident

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